@ElectBCCP best possible showings in #bcelxn13

The fact that the BC Conservative Party is running less then a full slate of candidates has reduced their chances. Boundary- Similkameen was there best chance at actually winning a seat, not just a chance to place or show.

These are the constituencies that offer the best chance at a strong performance for the BC Conservative Party.

Chilliwack-Hope: 24.9% (2nd Place)

Chilliwack: 22.1% (3rd Place)

Stikine: 18.7% (2nd Place)

Only two of these seats are over the 20% threshold, we decided to include Stikine as third possibility because it was close to the threshold.


@BCGreens best projected showings

There has been a noticeable surge in the BC Green results in recent polling, especially on Vancouver Island. Here we take a quick look at the constituencies the BC Green Party can have a strong showing in BC Election 2013.

Victoria-Beacon Hill: 29.2% (2nd Place)

Esquimalt-Royal Roads: 27.3% (2nd Place)

Saanich North and the Islands: 23.1% (3rd Place)

Oak Bay-Gordon Head: 22.5% (3rd Place)

Victoria-Swan Lake: 22.4% (2nd Place)

Comox Valley: 20.8% (2nd Place)

West Vancouver-Sea to Sky: 23.1% (3rd Place)

Vernon-Monashee: 20.4% (3rd Place)

These are all the constituencies that the BC Green Party are projected to be over 20% of the votes cast. In none of them are they within 5% of the leaders projected total.

Our projector says the BC Green’s have certainly gained some momentum but are still a long way from electing an MLA on election day.