Interactive Telephone Messages and Surveys

Using Interactive Telephone messages, or just broadcasting a message over the telephone, can have a beneficial impact on generating an increase in customer and sales. Roundabout can call a list of customers or broadcast to a large area for you to drum up more interest in your business and products. We are also able to offer Customer appreciation or public opinion surveys for your business decisions. We can also give surveys via email and on most social media platforms.

  • Cost is 7.5¬†cents per minute for telephone, or 10 cents per email.

  • Roundabout can provide phone numbers for 10 cents each.

  • Web-based surveys starting at 20 cents per respondent for one single answer question
  • We also charge set up fees:

    • Surveys are $500 to set up, and $500 for scientific analysis of the results.

    • Voice Broadcasts are $500 for set up.

    • Email, or Social Media, surveys are $500 for set up and $500 for scientific analysis.

The typical Voice or Interactive Broadcast will cost about $150 per 1,000 recipients plus fees, if numbers provided. If numbers are NOT provided the cost increases to $250 per 1,000. No competitor can offer such reasonable rates. If a customer wishes to use this service. Roundabout will give you an estimate.

* All service contracts are with Chad Moats, as an Independent Contract Employee.


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