Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing Packages

Guerrilla Marketing consists of one,or more, day blitz of an area with posters and representatives distributing coupons to the public. It is best use in conjunction with a well known, or new, sales event. This type of marketing tool has shown a marked increase in sales year over year when used. In some cases sales have doubled for use of just the Basic package.


500 posters including distribution for day of event
750 coupons handed out by 2 representatives on day of event
$3,000 per event. (1 day),Additional day for same event: $1,500

The Che

500 teaser posters including distribution for one week prior to event
500 posters on day including distribution
1500 Coupons handed out by 4 representatives on day of event.
$4,500 per event.(1 day), Additional day for same event: $1,500

* All service contracts are with Chad Moats, as an Independent Contract Employee.


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