Update: OraclePoll Research Poll #bcelxn13

In the final week of the campaign, we will be posting updates to the projection for the 2013 BC provincial election, until our final one. These updates will only contain projected seats , popular vote and seats that have changed since previous projection.

All the seat changes are BC Liberal gains from the BC NDP, except for Cariboo North which is a BC Liberal gain from and Independent.

Cariboo North (IND->BCL)

Kamloops-North Thompson (BCNDP->BCL)

Prince George-Mackenzie (BCNDP->BCL)]

Vernon-Monashee (BCNDP->BCL)

Abbottsford West (BCNDP->BCL)

North Vancouver-Lonsdale (BCNDP->BCL)

Changes from previous projections:

Time Penalty increased from 0.013 to 0.025, to reflect the voter volatility in the  last week and in hopes of capturing any surge like in the 2011 Federal Election or the recent Alberta Provincial Election.


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